About Me - Graham L Kemp

Welcome to the home of the Shoot Day Photography Project. Our aim is to photograph memorable images that promote the sport of Game Shooting. We tell the story of the Shoot Day. Every aspect is captured. The guns, loaders, picking-up teams, beaters, gamekeepers and everyone else that makes the day special.

We have over a twenty-five years experience of shooting as a Gun. We have both syndicate and formal shoot experience. We know where to position ourselves to capture great action shots whilst being safe and unintrusive. We understand the importance of the Guns being comfortable with our presence.

We use the latest highly specialised camera technology. Our cameras are silent. There is no annoying shutter noise to disturb the Guns. They capture razor-sharp images of the highest quality at an amazing 20 frames per second. If the camera is pointing at the action, the image is secured.

During season 2018/2019 we are looking to partner with more shoots in the south of England for our Shoot Day Photography Project. Both syndicate and formal shoots are of interest. This is a non-chargeable service where all we ask is for your consent to photograph the shooting day. All images are made available for private online viewing to the shoot and its guests.

If you are interested in your Shoot participating in the Shoot Day Photography Project, then please contact Graham via Facebook or Email.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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