About Us - Graham L Kemp

I've been a keen Fly Fisherman, Gun and Photographer for most of my life, but it was only recently when I brought my interests together. Today my shoot days are mostly spent shooting with the camera. Although I still have a few days in the season as a Gun, participating in both local syndicate and professional shoots.

My aim is to create world-class images that tell the story of the shoot that positively promote the sport of game shooting.

As an experienced Gun safety is an inherent part of how I approach my photography. Being unintrusive is critical too. There's nothing worse than a Gun being distracted by someone in their line of sight or the annoying sound of a camera shutter.

The latest professional camera and lens technology are used. They have a silent shutter and capture images at an amazing 20 frames per second. If the camera is pointing at the action then the image is captured,   

If you seek a photographer for your southern England shoot, please call me on 07540 776 773 or email office@grahamlkemp.com to explore how I might help your shoot achieve a memory of a great day through world-class images photographed by an experienced Gun passionate about game shooting.

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