Welcome - Graham L Kemp


Welcome to our Shoot Day and Gundog Photography website. We are based in the Test Valley,  Hampshire, England. Some of the best shooting in southern England is literally is on our doorstep.

We've been a keen gun, gundog owner and photographer for many years. But it was only recently that we've brought these interests together.

Today much of our time is spent photographing shoots and gundogs.  We take photographs both for our own pleasure and increasingly on a commission basis.

The goal is to achieve world-class images that tell the story of a special day or a memory of a special companion.

As an experienced gun and gundog owner,  we understand how to capture the best images without being distracting, intrusive or unsafe. We know there's nothing worse than being distracted by a photographer who is in your line of sight with a noisy camera shutter clicking away.

We use the latest professional camera technology and the highest quality lenses. Our cameras have silent shutters and capture images at an amazing 20 frames per second. If the camera is pointing at the action then a vibrant, sharp image is captured. 

Please contact us to discuss how we might help capture the story of your shoot day or a memory of your special companion.

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